We know building and remodeling.

We have been in the business for over forty years, so we put that experience to work for you every day, in every way. Your is our home, too. Building new homes, remodeling existing ones and dreaming up new interior design ideas are our specialties. Our services all come with the same promise of quality, dedication and advocacy for your design vision. We are your advocates throughout the interior design, home building, remodeling and renovation processes.

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We know people.

We know people that can help you do all of the things once you move into your dream home. Need a personal chef for a special event? The best cleaning services in your area? Landscaping and maintenance? Consider Susie Fredman your personal concierge for all the best services that your area has to offer. After operating in the luxury home market for more than forty years, you get to know people. The best people to make your house feel like home at every turn. 

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